EROSI L Shelves


Shelves are firstly practical, but they can also be a statement and decorate your home in a very individual way. Here we present you some of our favourites.



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Shelves EROSI L. This unique wooden shelf stands out for its character and presence. It has a robust structure made entirely of natural reclaimed teak, and with an eroded finish, respecting the original colour and texture of the wood. This narrow shelf, with a classic and modern air at the same time, is a must-have for those who love timeless decoration. With a design that combines aesthetics and functionality, its structure is divided into twelve rectangular spaces where you can place all kinds of objects, combine with a bookcase or with other decorative elements. Made with sustainable recycled wood from old abandoned buildings in Java, Indonesia.

100 x 37 x 180 cm, 1 535 €

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