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Our furniture and items of all kinds are designed for decades, and even much longer! Our furniture, lighting and decorative objects, made of iron, wood, terracotta, glasses, are above all selected for their quality as well as for their originality.

Our job: to create encounters between inspiration, know-how and you. Between art and life.

Often unique pieces, made of multiple personalities: that of the creator who imagined it, with his share of talent, daring and inventiveness, and your share of personality, freedom, creativity by creating an original living space at home. Choice of shapes, colours, materials, finishes…

Our wish is to share all this with you. We prefer short circuits between creators and you, in order to ensure very competitive prices.

Our common thread: a quality – price ratio. SITS sofas, factory made for you, without intermediaries, sold only by independent companies like ours, allowing you to have a very high-end sofa at half the price of major brands. An unparalleled choice of lighting, Italian design, at prices that will convince you to come back.